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Requirements for new tenants (as of 15 DECEMBER 2023)

The Cocoplum Yacht Club (CPYC) requires applicants to submit to the administration office the following items, at least three weeks prior to the scheduled closing date

1. CPYC Membership Application Form – please fully execute the application form. Please click here to download the form as a PDF.

2. Application fee (Non-Refundable) – make the check payable to “Cocoplum Yacht Club” for the amount which applies to this transaction. $17,000 for first time buyers, $8,500 for CPYC member purchasing each additional slip and $1,700 for lease applicants.

3. Copy of the fully executed sales contract.  The contract must be under the name of the person(s) of entity that is to be named on the membership approval documents.

4. Estopple Certificate. Current unit owner shall request in writing an Estopple certificate and submit the fee of $150.00 & certificate of termination of right of refusal fee $50 payable to Cocoplum Yacht Club.

5.  CPYC Yacht Slip Agreement (Tenants) – The contract must be under the name of the person(s) of entity that is to be named on the membership approval documents.

6. Corporations – The following documents must be submitted with application:

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. All Powers of Attorney
  3. Certificate of Incumbency
  4. Certificate of Good Standing
  5. Signed and Notarized Corporation Affidavit

7. Bank Letters of Reference – Submit two letters which verify applicant’s account.  Letters must be signed by an officer of the bank and notarized.

8. Personal Letters of Reference – Submit three letters from persons who know applicant for five years or longer that have no family or business partnership.  Please include the date of the letter, address and phone numbers of personal reference.  Each letter must be notarized.

9. Security Access Form.

10. Key Card Request Form.

11. Certificate of Insurance – Owners and tenants must maintain liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Cocoplum Yacht Club as additional insured.

12. Copy of vessel registration or documentation.


The CPYC maintenance assessments are $1,100 per quarter.  There will be a one-time annual charge of $100 will be added to your fourth quarter bill (members and tenants). The association requires a copy of the Warranty Deed upon recording.  Please contact the CPYC if you have any questions or require additional information.


Office: 305.663.1353

Fax: 305.661.4080



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